Invoice 4u combines the essential tools needed to run your business within one solution, including inventory management, workshop routing, sales and purchase processing for orders, quotations, invoicing, accounting and more. It’s available through an easy to understand, personalised dashboard, resulting in greater control of your business. See how fully integrated business software uses the cloud to make life easier and business better in the manufacturing sector.

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Why choose Invoice 4u?

Our software is unique Invoice 4u Manufacturing is unique. For the first time, manufacturers can use the cloud to make life much easier - and business a lot better. Invoice 4u Manufacturing automates your logistics, production and finance, provides realtime insight into your production processes, and links directly to your accounts.

The main benefits

  • Manufacturing, logistics and accounting in 1.
  • 24/7 global status of production, logistics and administration.
  • Calculates quotes incredibly fast.
  • Easy to set up and straightforward to run, with support and free training.
  • Monthly subscriptions.

Lightning fast quote generation

Invoice 4u Manufacturing lets you prepare quotes from anywhere at the press of a button. Up to date rates for fixed and variable costs, mark-ups, discounts, outsourcing and materials are all stored in one central location, so all you have to do is select the appropriate costs and let Invoice 4u Manufacturing software make the calculations. The cloud means less time on your paperwork - and more focus on your processes.

Seamless insight

Invoice 4u Manufacturing software creates work orders based on both the customer order and stock requirement. In both cases it also links the planned delivery date to the materials and processes involved. A dedicated work order screen provides progress reports, allows you to order materials and outsource work, and confirms receipt of the final product. You can even have the information from a work order printed onto a work ticket for the shop floor. With the cloud, you can be everywhere at once.

Easy cost tracking

Welcome to a manufacturing management software that makes it easy to track the materials you use and the hours you spend on any particular project. Running costs are instantly updated whenever you buy materials or outsource work. Initial estimates can be instantly compared to the latest total to quickly identify where you’ve gone over budget or, even better, stayed under. And clear, up-to-the-minute overviews display turnover and profitability by customer or product. Just look in the cloud.

Instant overview, 24/7 control

With a clear production dashboard that brings together every part of the process, Invoice 4u Manufacturing software provides an accurate snapshot of your business at all times. Machine capacity, orders in progress (including exactly where they’ve progressed to), 'to-do' lists including outstanding work orders and purchase orders, even alerts that highlight late payments or inadequate deliveries… see the big picture with all the realtime information you need, all in the cloud, all accessible from anywhere.

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