Accounting software that does more

Invoice 4u software increases data accuracy, makes financial information more visible and accessible, improves collaboration with bookkeepers and accountants, and delivers real cost and time savings. It also integrates your accounts with your companies’ critical business and financial performance indicators, enabling you to see the big picture on your business in one easy to understand management dashboard.

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Why choose Invoice 4u?

  • Practical accounting software with business & financial management capability.
  • Manages accounts, finances, debtors, creditors, cash flow, costs and profitability.
  • Better collaboration with bookkeepers and accountants, saves time and money.
  • Mobility and automated processes free up time and increase efficency.
  • A dashboard that amalgamates all key business indicators, in real time.

The main benefits

  • Cloud-driven: critical accounting & business data is far more accessible and visible.
  • Integrated invoicing and scanning creating business process improvements.
  • Cost savings: no capital investment, low support cost, pay as you use, no tie in.
  • Invoice 4u is used by more than 50,000 companies.
  • Easy to set up and run, simple monthly payments and easy to leave.

Management Information Dashboard

An easy-to-view dashboard means all the key financial information, insights and indicators are at your fingertips. The dashboard layout can be personalised to highlight crucial data, such as the latest status on profit and loss, or updates on outstanding invoices. It can also include visibility of financial metrics, such as: financial ratios, ageing analysis, profit and loss, outstanding items, tasks. It also include automatic reminders so you'll never forget to make a payment or file a tax return. Invoice 4u software keeps you up to date, so you stay in control.

Fast, straightforward set up

Unfortunately there aren't 36 hours in a day or 8 days in a week. So a straightforward Getting Started guide and highly intuitive interface get your online accounting software up and running fast with a minimum of fuss. And if you have any problems, we’re always here on email, online or on the phone. When you have people to meet, proposals to write, and budgets to balance, Invoice 4u means one less thing on your mind.

Scalable solutions

Invoice 4u is a powerful suite of business software tools built around the requirements. It not only works as hard as you do but also expands and evolves with you. Pay a fixed monthly fee. Then, as your company grows, you can choose to add more users, more apps or even move to another subscription. So you always have the online accounting software that suits your needs, at a price that fits your budget.

Free mobile app

A free app for your favourite iOS® or Android™ device offers more ways to access Invoice 4u Accounting, making you more responsive to the needs of your business - and vice versa. Because all your information lives in the cloud you have access to all of it. Anytime, in realtime. And with Scan & Recognise you take a photo of receipts and invoices and upload them directly into your online accounting software. The possibilities are endless, but then again so is the list of things you have to get done.

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