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Accountants are becoming ever more important to businesses. Exact Online Accountancy software provides the tools to realise this value: enabling cost reductions, improved client profitability, increased process efficiencies, greater advice on cash flow and financial management, as well as smarter business consultancy. The result can be greater profits, higher utilisation levels, new revenue streams, more recommendations and happier clients.

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Why choose Invoice 4u?

  • Enables more sophisticated accountancy, business and financial management advice.
  • Better data collection and greater accuracy, reduces costs and grows profits.
  • Cloud-based – it means critical data is more accessible - better utilises fee earners.
  • Mobility and automated processes create time and capacity to generate new revenues.
  • Improved collaboration and more efficient processes, which strengthen client relationships.

The main benefits

  • Dashboard brings visibility to cost & cash flow management, budgeting and profitability.
  • Cost savings: no capital investment, low support cost, pay as you use, no tie in.
  • The highest security standards, plus all data held in the UK.
  • Invoice 4u is used by more than 50,000 companies.
  • Easy to set up and run, simple monthly payments and easy to leave.

Customisable Dashboard

Invoice 4u Accountancy takes online client collaboration to the next level, making it easy to be more responsive, more flexible and add more value. The simple dashboard view ensures that you have immediate real-time visibility of client finances from one page, including financial ratios, aging analysis, profit and loss, outstanding items, task and more. You can easily drilldown in to the information to understand the causes and even allocate tasks to the client for them to act on.

Multi-client view

Invoice 4u Accountancy software uses the cloud to provide full auditing control. No more wasting time hunting for a statement, an invoice or a bill. Clients, meanwhile, can log in and check their status whenever they need it, wherever they are. And by using multi-company processing, all clients can be monitored simultaneously. Making you more efficient, more flexible – and more competitive.

Greater proactivity

Invoice 4u Accountancy business software helps you to structure your financial processes as efficiently as possible. Continuous monitoring helps your daily business at both global and client level, enabling you to respond quickly to any pressing issues the moment they arise. As well as providing an effective safety net for your service, this ‘always-on insight’ in the cloud also extends your reach so you can evolve into a more proactive role, providing the timely advice clients need. After all, helping them to improve their business can only help you to improve yours.

Reduced admin

You’re an accountant, not an administrator. So you might be interested to know that Invoice 4u Accountancy reduces the amount of time you spend on routine tasks by automating manual data-input. And because it’s in the cloud and accessible from anywhere, you enjoy even more freedom. Try the accountancy software that lets you concentrate on creating additional value for your clients, and even go home on time every now and then.

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