A cornucopia of reports to help you monitor your progress.

Choose between chart, finance, product, warehouse, client, accounting and cash forms.


Revenue and expenses (Net, gross, total tax. By year, month, week or day)

Revenue (Gross paid, unpaid, net, total tax)

Expenses (Gross, paid, unpaid, net, total tax)

Sales count (Number of sold units in a specific time frame)


Income tax records (Table, .PDF and .XLs export options)

Income list (Table showing all transactions in a specific time frame)

Expense invoice list (Table showing a list of expenses)

Branch balance (Financial condition of branches)

Categories (Revenue and expense report divided into categories)

Unpaid invoice list (List of unpaid invoices)


Products (Quantity, average sale and total sales)


Product availability (Quantity and value of all sold or purchased products)

Product statement (Value of purchased products)


Clients (Quantity, average sale, total sale)

Accounting: Income tax records (VAT sales record)

Expense tax records (VAT purchases record)


Cash report (Table of cash transactions)

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